NCAA Final Four Tourney Spurs New Signage Code for Atlanta

“Ushering in an era of huge advertising wraps on downtown buildings.”

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The Atlanta City Council is establishing new legislative measures that will “usher in an era of huge advertising wraps on downtown buildings” in Georgia’s capital, according to SaportaReport (, the online information resource for Atlanta business. The measures are being put in place to coincide with the city’s hosting of the NCAA Final Four men’s basketball tournament in April – which is expected to draw 80,000 hoops fans and have an economic impact of $61 million.

“The goals are to help landlords turn a profit by selling ad wraps that temporarily cover up to 40,000 square feet of the skin of a single building; to help the NCAA envision Atlanta as a great host city at least once every five years; and to help the expected 80,000 spectators enjoy their visit…” writes David Pendered in a recent edition of the SaportaReport.

The proposed sign code would allow certain downtown buildings to be wrapped in advertising signage during specific times. “Wraps could be displayed only during sanctioned events that are projected to occur in a facility that seats at least 15,000, and are to have an economic impact of at least $25 million,” Pendered reports.

Some other details of the legislation, according to the SaportaReport:

• “Only one wrap sign shall be authorized on each building façade. No wrap sign shall exceed 10,000 square feet in sign face area.
• “No building shall contain more than four wrap signs, nor contain more than 40,000 square feet in total sign face area.
• “All wrap signs shall be constructed and erected as wall signs on a building or structure, including a pedestrian bridge. Each sign face shall be made of perforated one-way window tint/film that is fastened directly onto the exterior of the building façade through an adhesive and without use of any suspended cables or other fastening equipment. Freestanding wrap signs are specifically prohibited.
• “No portion of a wrap sign shall extend 200 feet in height above ground level; provided further that no part of a wrap sign shall be placed above, supported on, or extend above the roof of a building.
• “The display of wrap signs may commence no earlier than three days before the beginning of the entertainment event and ending no more than two days after the completion of the entertainment event.”



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