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Neolam PE Laminator from Neolt

Also debuts new version of its Electro Textile Super Trim.

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Neolt has launched new print-finishing products: the Neolam PE cold laminator and a new version of its Electro Textile Super Trim trimmer.

The Neolam PE is an entry-level solution for cold laminating and mounting. Available in 43-, 55-, and 65-in. sizes, this machine features an easy-to-use pneumatic system to adjust the nip opening and upper roll pressure. The Neolam PE can handle media up to 1.18-in. thick and its running speed is 13 ft/min. Optional add-ons include an electric roll holder and an electric rear take-up system.

The latest version of the Electro Textile Super Trim enables the user to create a semi-automatic cutting workflow through operator-defined positioning and trimming programs. Up to 20 programs can be defined to meet different requirements and materials. The motorized rotary blade of the trimmer can be heated in order to cut natural and synthetic fabrics and to seal them at the same time to avoid fraying. With the heat switched off, the trimmer cuts any other flexible substrate up to a maximum thickness of 0.32-in. Available in 65-, 110-, 134-, and 205-in. widths.


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