New Accessories for Rose Displays’ ZipLines

ZipLine Mounting Plate and ZipLine Poles.

Big Picture

Rose Displays has introduced two accessories for its ZipLines: ZipLine Mounting Plate and ZipLine Poles.

With the new Mounting Plate, ZipLines can be hung from any plaster ceiling, allowing ZipLine adjustable cables to be used with most store ceilings, whether standard grid or flat.

ZipLine Poles allow a store’s staff to quickly and easily install or remove ZipLines safely without the need for ladders. The ZipLine anchors lock securely onto the ceiling grid or the mounting plate with one twist of the pole. ZipLine Poles are available in two configurations: OneUp for graphics with one point-of-hanging, or BiClops for those with two points-of-hanging. Both configurations come in lengths for ceilings of up to 10, 14, or 18 ft in height.


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