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New Association Launched for CorelDraw Users

ACDRP aims to improve communication and provide resources for members.

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A new association for CorelDraw users--the Association of CorelDraw Professionals (ACDRP)--has been formed to increase communication among users of the software, offer CorelDraw training, and provide resources. In November, the ACDRP held its first mini-conference in San Francisco, CA. Rob MacDonald, Corel’s associate product manager for graphics products, delivered the keynote presentation and was on hand to speak with attendees throughout the weekend. Corel was a sponsor of the keynote dinner.

The association manages two websites: www.coreldrawpro.com and www.ACDRP.com. Visitors to coreldrawpro.com can access CorelDraw industry news and, classified ads, and can search for products and suppliers. ACDRP.com is only available to association members.

Cost of ACDRP membership is $60. Members receive CorelDraw Pro magazine, a monthly digital publication with how-to articles and business success stories. Also available is CorelDraw Pro E-News, a free bi-monthly e-newsletter featuring CorelDraw tips, news, and other resources.


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