New Caldera RIP Version 9

InkPerformer ink-saving module provides users with the power to monitor and optimize their ink consumption.

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Caldera has announced the new version of its production-oriented RIP software dedicated to wide- and super-wide print and print-cut. Caldera Version 9 features:

* Adobe PDF Print Engine 2.5, which provides a 20% increase in RIPing of files with transparency;
* An integration of i1Prism v2, for better smoothness and profiles;
* Last-minute Color Correction; the ability to open a job in the spooler and resubmit it with different parameters;
* Relinearization;
* Quick print configs;
* The creation of Color Books with reference colors;
* The ability to print color bars with each job; and
* An optional ink-saving module; and more.

The ink-saving module, dubbed InkPerformer, was created in conjunction with Alwan Color Expertise. The option provides users with the power to monitor and optimize their ink consumption across all types of wide-format production.

InkPerformer sits in the workflow before the file is RIPped and does not require the creation or adjustment of output profiles to implement cost savings. The user interface allows for the control of two key variables: the BlackStart level, which is the threshold at which black is allowed to replace other ink colors; and the level of ink economy required. The operator can choose the desired setting from Low, Medium, and High; there is also a Maximum option to prioritize economization completely over color.

A supplementary feature in InkPerformer allows the user to RIP and then compare the original image with the adjusted, ink-saving image, and even send both jobs to print. This mode allows for the rapid comparison of jobs and calculates the percentage of ink saved. The InkPerformer module can be provided with licenses for three, five, or more than five devices.


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