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New Capabilities for Oris Color Tuner 5.4

Features spot-color optimization and embedded measuring-device usage in HP Designjet Z series.

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The latest version of Oris Color Tuner, from CGS Publishing Technologies, now features spot-color optimization, embedded measuring-device usage in the HP Designjet Z series, and new Canon printer support.

In Color Tuner 5.4, a wizard now guides users through the spot-color optimization process, allowing all colors to be optimized through repeatedly measuring the colors and then calculating the spot-color table. This function also works with spot-color halftones.

Color Tuner also now supports Eye One's spectrophotometer, embedded in HP Designjet Z6100, Z3100, and Z2100 printers-an essential feature for remote proofing. This embedded device can be used for automatic printer calibration, proof verification, and creating reference printer profiles.

Ink-limit specifications can be set for primary, secondary, and tertiary colors using detailed settings.

Additionally, Oris Color Tuner 5.4 now supports the newest imageProGraf models from Canon.


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