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New ColorBurst RIP Versions

Mac Version 4.1 and Windows Version 7.6

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ColorBurst Systems has released new
versions of its ColorBurst RIP"?version
4.1 for Mac and 7.6 for Windows. Both
RIP versions now include Version 2.0 of
SpectralVision Pro, the fully functional
ICC profile-creation software developed in
cooperation with Monaco/X-Rite.
In addition to its ICC profile-creation
capabilities, SpectralVision Pro features:
Total Ink Control, UCR/GCR control, Black
Ink control, and Bezier curve control over
black generation. It also provides the
measurement for new ColorBurst Print
Certification technology"?ensuring that
each print meets user specifications for
color accuracy and color quality via a
color control bar verified by SpectralVision

Other Mac 4.1 updates include an
updated PostScript Engine and support
for up to 255-character file names. Additional
PC 7.6 updates include support for
Mimaki solvent printers and the Durst
Rho in the new ColorBurst ProLab-CMYK
product as well as an updated PostScript


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