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New Contex Scanners

Crystal XL 42, Chroma XL 42, and Hawk-Eye Cx 36

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Three new scanners from Contex are the Crystal XL 42, Chroma XL 42, and Hawk-Eye Cx 36.

All three support Windows and Mac platforms, include Accuracy Lens Enhancement, offer FireWire and USB connectivity, and feature All-Wheel Drive.

The Crystal XL 42 is built on Tx technology and incorporates improved scan speed and image quality. It has a scanning width of 42 in. and the Base model offers maximum resolutions of 800 dpi, with resolutions up to 2400 dpi on the Plus model. It features a triple 4-linear CCD, scans thick media up to 0.6 in., and has Automatic Thick Media Adjustment Control. Printing speeds in 24-bit RGB are 0.6 in./sec. Geared for CAD, AEC, and GIS professionals, it offers optional color scanning.

The Chroma XL 42 color scanner is also built on Tx technology, offers a 42-in. scanning width, a triple 4-linear CCD, Automatic Thick Media Adjustment Control, and the ability to scan thick media up to 0.6 in. Its Base model offers an 800-dpi resolution, and the Plus model offers 2400 dpi. Scan speeds are faster in the Chroma than the Crystal, with the Chroma Base model scanning up to 1.5 in./sec in 24-bit RGB, and the Plus model scanning up to twice as fast (3 in./sec). The Chroma is designed for professional imaging services, copy service providers, P-O-P/ exhibit/display companies, and graphic professionals, as well as mapping, architect, and engineering offices.

Hawk-Eye Cx 36 is an entry-level scanning solution for copy service providers, P-O-P/exhibit/display companies, and CAD and AEC professionals. This scanner features color and monochrome scanning; a 36-in. scanning width; ability to scan media up to 0.47 in. thick; a single 4- linear CCD; maximum scanning resolutions of 400 dpi (Base) and 800 dpi (Plus); and scanning speeds of 0.3 in./sec (Base) and 3 in./sec (Plus model). (Contex Scanning Technology: www.contex.com)

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