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New Cutting Systems from Fletcher-Terry

Clean cuts through multiple medias.

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If you need to slice and trim, Fletcher-Terry has introduced several new products to do the job: the FSC Substrate Cutter, the F48 and F65 cutters, and Gemini Pro.

* The FSC Substrate Cutter will cut clean, straight, and accurately on materials up to 65-in. wide, including Dibond, aluminum, PVC, acrylic, polycarbonate, polystyrene, corrugated plastic, Alumalite, Econolite, Gatorboard, foamboard, and glass. Engineered for durability, it features steel and aluminum construction and its cutting process provides a virtually debris-free cut. The materials clamp locks into place to provide an even and secure clamping force on rigid and soft substrates of varying thicknesses. Complete with a laser guide and a 5-sec blade changeover, the 65-in. FSC can be freestanding or mounted on the wall.
* The F48 and F65 cutters can be wall- or fixed-table-mounted, as well as portable-table-mounted; a hinged-table-mount will soon be released. The double-leverage clamping system locks rigid and soft substrates into place with consistent clamping pressure. The quick-release magnetic blade offers multiple blade-depth adjustments for cuts up to 0.5-in. thick. The 48-in. F48 and 65-in. F65 can handle corrugated plastic, foamboard, PVC, and rolled materials.

* The latest in the Gemini series is the Gemini Pro. With table-top cutters from 40- to 120-in. wide, the Gemini Pro is complete with laser-alignment and accurate cuts over its length. Built to handle corrugated plastic, foamboard, PVC, and rolled materials, these cutters include switchable blades for consistent
trimming and cutting of materials up to 0.5-in. thick.