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New Cutting Tools from Hendrick

The ProCut10 is a vertical panel saw with a cutting capacity of up to 5 x 10 ft.

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Hendrick has introduced three new cutting tools. The GoSaw8 and GoSaw10 are fully portable vertical cutting platforms complete with a Bosch circular saw (optional and also compatible with a wide range of other handheld circular saws, including cordless). The GoSaw8 handles sheets up to 4 x 8 ft (5 x 10 ft on the GoSaw10), allowing vertical and horizontal cutting. Bevel cutting at angles of up to 45° is supported, and accessories include a midway fence and quick stop.

Also new is the ProCut10, a vertical panel saw with a cutting capacity of up to 5 x 10 ft (other sizes available). The machine performs both cross-cuts and rip-cuts with the material remaining stationary. It comes complete with high-grade solid bearings, cable management, a Festool TS-55 circular saw, and provision for the integration of a dust-extraction systems.

The company also has debuted its NXT CNC Router Series, a heavy-duty router with a precision rack-and-pinion as well as a ball screw system. The NXT Series features a 12-hp HSD HSK-63F high-frequency spindle (3000 to 24,000 RPM) with an eight-station automatic tool changer, and air-blast nozzle for tool cooling. The CNC router yields feed rates up to 2500 in./min and positioning accuracy of +/- 0.002 in. (repetitive accuracy of +/- 0.0008 in.) It also features a multi-zone 6-vacuum grid table. Available in 4 x 8- and 5 x 10-ft models.


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