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New EFI Splash G640 Uses Mac OS X

Designed to drive Xerox DocuColor 12 on-demand printer

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EFI has announced a new version G640 of its high-performance Splash color server for the graphic-arts industry. Taking advantage of the Apple Power Mac G5 and Mac OS X, the Splash G640 server is designed to drive the Xerox DocuColor 12 on-demand printer.

Splash supports PDF files, including Adobe Acrobat 6.0 files. In G640, the Native OS X AppleTalk Spooler replaces the Splash AppleTalk Spooler and Native LPR replaces Enterprise Networking, both of which formerly ran in Classic OS. For seamless integration with Splash Hot Folders workflow, the EFI Format Converter, a converter native to OS X, consolidates the former TIFF/IT, PDF/X, PSD, CT-LW, and CT-NLW file converters into one.

The Splash G3535 server now prints multi-set collated documents and mixed black-and-white and color jobs twice as fast as the previous generation Splash servers. Current Splash G640 customers can download the free software update at www.xerox.com/support. (EFI: www.efi.com)

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