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New 'JDF Marketplace' Catalog Published

CIP4's latest release adds 100 new products

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CIP4--the International Cooperation for the Integration of Processes in Prepress, Press, and Postpress"?has released the second edition of "JDF Marketplace." A catalog of JDF-enabled products and services, "JDF Marketplace" has added more than 100 new products since its initial edition in March of this year.

The catalog's new edition features a more user-friendly design and a two-up listing format. "One of the things we heard from the user community is that they needed better information about JDF, including better information on how to find JDF-enabled tools for their process-automation programs," says Martin Bailey, CIP4 CEO.

The growth in listings reflects the JDF explosion seen at Drupa, says Margaret Motamed, CIP4's marketing director. "We forecasted the number of JDF-enabled products and services would double by the end of the year, and double again by Print 05," she says. "We are on that course." "

Published as a PDF file suitable for screen display and desktop printing, "JDF Marketplace" is free. (CIP4: www.cip4.org)

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