New Permanent Imagin WallNoodle PN629 from Mactac

Plus: new Macmark Tuning Films, GlassMovie GM090P diffusion vinyl, and more.

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Mactac Graphic Products has introduced an addition to its Imagin WallNoodle line, with Permanent Imagin WallNoodle PN629. Featuring a thick vinyl facestock coated with a permanent acrylic adhesive, the 6-mil Permanent WallNoodle product is matte white and offers a semi-rigid print surface and 90-lb SuperFlat releases liner; it’s engineered for excellent printing performance and ease of application, Mactac reports. Intended for wide-format eco-solvent, solvent, latex, and UV-cured inkjet as well as screen and offset printing; indoor and outdoor applications, including: P-O-P graphics, signage, wall graphics, decals, and more. In 54 in. x 100-ft rolls and custom sheet sizes.

The company also has added to its Macmark Tuning Films with three new product categories, all engineered for complete or partial vehicle wraps and interior vehicle trim, as well as other applications: Macmark Tuning Film Sublime is a 3.4-mil pigmented air-egress vinyl available in 15 gloss and 15 matte colors designed for vehicle color change and custom accents; it offers good scratch-and stain-resistance, easy installation, excellent conformability, and a durability of seven to eight years, reports Mactac. Macmark Tuning Film Brushed Metals are 5.5-mil embossed air-egress vinyls in five color finishes (black, aluminum, steel, titanium and graphite). For vehicle accents and custom effects that provide a brushed effect, these offer moderate conformability; five-year durability. Macmark Tuning Film Special Effects feature three iridescent colors (pearl, green, and fuchsia), 3.9 mil, designed for full vehicle wrapping, as well as two 8.6-mil embossed textures (leather, silver moon) for vehicle accents and custom effects.

Mactac’s new GlassMovie GM090P diffusion vinyl acts as a rear-projection screen and turns clear surfaces into dynamic visual displays. A pressure-sensitive, 5.9-mil translucent gray vinyl, GlassMovie features a high-quality, permanent, solvent, acrylic adhesive with a high cohesive strength for long-term durability and is protected by a white kraft release liner. Designed for indoor and outdoor visual communications, it offers a wide viewing angle of up to 100 degrees and excellent viewing from both rear and front, Mactac reports. GlassMovie GM090P can be digitally printed or plotter cut to any shape or size. Note: maximum size of GlassMovie is determined by projector brightness and surrounding environment; a projector with a minimum of 2000 lm is recommended for indoor applications (6000 lm for outdoor displays).

Also new from Mactac are:
• A new addition to the company’s Macmark 8900 Series: Macmark 8900 Pro Designer Series, comprising 16 fashion colors. The new colors are based on the 2013/2014 color trends and the Pro Designer Series is intended for interior wall and window graphics for retail, home, and restaurant décor. The 2.8-mil vinyl films boast low-gloss and soft-matte finishes; they’re coated with removable solvent-based adhesive and protected by an 83-lb white kraft liner.

PermaColor ColorPrint PP2018, a permanent general-purpose mounting film for signage, graphics, and P-O-P applications. ColorPrint PP2018 comprises a clear polyester carrier coated on both sides with an acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesive protected by a single white, moisture-stable paper liner.

PermaColor ColorTrans CT2200, a double-sided, optically clear mounting film intended for face-mounting and back-mounting transparencies to glass, Plexiglas, and other clear or transparent; for indoor, outdoor, and backlight applications. In 41- to 61-in. widths.


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