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New Rho 1012 and Rho 1030 Printers from Durst

Company also introduces its new 10-picoliter Variodrop printing technology.

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Durst Image Technology has introduced two new printer additions to its lineup: the Rho 1012 and Rho 1030. Based on the company’s Rho 1000 platform, both printers: are equipped with Durst’s Quadro Array printhead technology; offer an 8-ft printing width; are CMYK standard (with optional light cyan and light magenta, or process color addition – orange/green or orange/violet); have integrated ink tanks with 10-litre capacity/ink (refillable during the printing process); and Durst Rho software and an external Caldera RIP server. Both can be configured with full corrugate and roll-to-sheet options.

The Rho 1012 utilizes Quadro Array 12M printheads (12-pL drop size) and can print at speeds up to 5000 sq ft/hr and offers a top resolution of 1200 dpi. The Rho 1030 uses Quadro Array 30M printheads (30-pL drop size) and boasts production speeds up to 10,000 sq ft/hr and a top resolution of 600 dpi. The Rho 1030 is available in three variants: basic printer only; 3/4 Automation (includes stacker and auto registration table on feed side); and Full Automation (includes a Mirus feeder and stacker).

In addition, the company has introduced its new 10-picoliter Variodrop printing technology. Now available on all of Durst’s P10 Series printers, the Variodrop technology strictly controls drop-size modulation by utilizing “multipulsing,” which produces a double-pulse drop shape that is uniform and with a placement that is evenly spaced, the company reports.


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