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New Rho P10 UV Series Printers from Durst

Features Durst’s new Quadro Array 10 printheads.

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Durst has introduced its new Rho P10 Series of UV printers, versatile 10-picoliter machines designed specifically for print providers looking for a way to output a wide range of hand-held and eye-level materials – such as backlit signage, P-O-P displays and small packages, etc. –at production speeds with “fine-art” quality.

The Rho P10 Series comprises the 80-inch Rho P10 200 and 98-in. Rho P10 250 flatbed/hybrid printers, plus the 126-in. Rho P10 320R roll-to-roll model. All of the P10 Series printers feature Durst’s new Quadro Array 10 printheads, which utilize silicon-based MEMS technology to produce image quality with up to 1000-dpi print resolution; the new printers also boast Durst’s magnetic linear drive carriage transport for consistently accurate output.

The printers are 4-color standard (CMYK), with optional light cyan, light magenta, white, and process color addition (orange, violet). Top speed on the Rho P10 250 flatbed is 2100 sq ft/hr; the rollfed P10 320R is 1615 sq ft/hr.

The printers in the Rho P10 Series print on a wide range of media. For the flatbeds/hybrids, that includes foam board, metal, acrylics, and PVC; standard maximum thickness is 1.58 in. (2.75 in., industrial version). The Rho P10 320R can accommodate backlits, textiles, vinyls, and stretch media; 2mm maximum thickness (depending on media). All of the P10 Series printers can print simultaneously on two parallel panels or rolls; all can run unattended 24/7, Durst reports. A Caldera GrandRIP+ external RIP server is standard on all P10 printers.


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