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New Series of Fine Art Boards from Encore

Canvas, cork, and chalkboard foam boards, plus extreme white for photography.

Big Picture

Encore has introduced its series of Fine Art Boards in canvas, cork, and chalkboard foam boards and extreme white for photography. The new Fine Art Boards are designed for prints, digital artworks, logos, patterns, and reproductions of art and photographs. All can be cut by hand or machine.

Canvas Foam Boards are available in three styles: Canvas ¼-in. (dense polystyrene foam core and Real Artist Canvas on one side); Embossed Canvas ¼-in. (dense polystyrene foam core and Embossed Canvas on two sides); and Embossed Canvas 3/16-in. (polystyrene foam core and Embossed Canvas on two sides). All three are available in 24- and 48-in. widths.

Cork Foam Board is available in a 3/8-in. thickness and is made of cork on one side. It’s available in 20- and 40-in. widths.

Chalkboard Foam Board has a chalk, printable surface on one side and a 3/16-in. thickness. Available in 20- and 40-in. widths.

Extreme White for Photography is clay coated and has higher perceived whiteness that enhances max. color gamut and black density of printed images, reports Encore. Available in 48-in. widths.


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