New Sign&Banner Plug-in from Onyx Graphics

Application specific and operating-system independent.

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Onyx Graphics has announced its Onyx SmartApps Sign&Banner Plug-in tool for Adobe Illustrator software, designed to simplify and accelerate setup of wide-format signs and banners. With it, users can prepare all aspects of a sign or banner directly in Adobe Illustrator software. For instance: The Sign&Banner Plug-in enables placement of grommet data at the design stage and from within Illustrator (versus via RIP software or manual measurement); it allows for the automatic preparation of print bleeds, including mirror bleeds, duplicate bleeds, and color bleeds, and at any size needed. And it offers the ability to “design-to-scale,” so jobs are print-ready at the correct size.

The Sign&Banner Plug-in is application specific and operating-system independent (can be used on Macintosh or Windows platforms); it’s compatible with Adobe Illustrator software versions CS3, CS4, or CS5. It is independent of the RIP and Onyx RIP software is not required to use it.
Price: $299; a Sign&Banner Plug-in Restoration Disc is available for an additional $39.

Onyx reports that this is just the first in the new Onyx SmartApps toolset for creative applications: “With this and future plug-ins from Onyx Graphics, designers and prepress operators can more quickly prepare jobs with their existing design applications.”

In addition, Onyx reports that it has added support for: Epson Stylus Pro 4900, 7890, and 9890 printers; and the HP Scitex LX820 and LX850 printers.


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