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New SmartLF Gx+ Scanners from Colortrac

SmartLF Gx+ 28 and Gx+ 42.

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Colortrac has announced two new scanner models to its SmartLF Gx+ (the “LF” indicates large format) lineup: the SmartLF Gx+ 28 and the Gx+ 42. Colortrac began shipping the SmartLF Gx+ 56 scanner earlier this year.

As with their 56-in. big brother, the Gx+ 28 and Gx+ 42 are CCD-based wide-format scanners with true 1200-dpi optical resolution. Both models are available in monochrome (m), color (c) and “express color” (e) versions; the express option increases the unit’s scan speed from 1 to 4 seconds in the 28 and 42 scanners (from 1.5 to 3 seconds in the 56). Models can be upgraded to the e version in the field.
The 28 can handle originals up to 34-in. wide, while the 42 can accommodate originals up to 46-in. wide. Both models can handle originals up to 2mm (0.08-in.) thick; a “motorized thick media” (MTM) option provides the capability to handle board-mounted originals up to 20mm (0.8-in.) thick.

The SmartLF Gx+ 28 and the 42 are Energy Star-qualified, and both utilize 2D LED light system that has low energy requirements, and provides a longer life and a reduced environmental impact, Colortrac reports.

Price: SmartLF Gx+ 28, $6795-$9395, SmartLF Gx+ 42, $9995-$14,295. GEI Wide Format (geiwideformat.com) is Colortrac’s North American distributor.


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