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New Study of In-house Users of Wide-Format Printing

Posters, signs, and informational graphics make up top in-house applications, says I.T. Strategies.

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Professional and technical-services groups make up the largest segment of in-house users of wide-format inkjet printers, according to a new survey from I.T. Strategies, the Hanover, MA-based consulting firm. Nearly 25% of all in-house wide-format users fall into in that segment, which comprises advertising and design agencies, marketing/PR agencies, and product-design firms.

Other major company types that have brought wide-format in-house include: manufacturers (17% of in-house wide-format users); government agencies (15%); education (10%), retailers and wholesalers (7% each), utility companies (4%) and arts/entertainment (4%).

The survey also tracked top applications for in-house users, which included:
"? General posters and signs (21% of all applications);
"? Informational graphics "? directional signage, maps (16%);
"? Other (including banners, sample packaging, visual aids for teachers, more, 15%);
"? Presentations (12%);
"? Proofing (10%);
"? Tradeshow graphics (9%);
"? POP signage (6%);
"? Fine art (3%); and
"? Photos (3%).

"Not surprisingly, much of what they do in-house is similar to what print-for-pay shops do: signage and tradeshow graphics," says Patti Williams, consulting partner at I.T. Strategies. "And, in fact, 20% of the respondents indicated they bought their wide-format inkjet printers because doing so was less expensive than outsourcing." "

The results were based on a survey of more than 550 in-house users of wide-format printers.


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