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New Triangle Inks from INX Digital

Includes inks for HP 9000 and 10000 series, Roland Soljet and VersaCamm series

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Triangle HPS solvent inks for HP 9000 and 10000 series printers are now available from INX Digital. The new inks are nickel-free and require no re-profiling if the user is switching from previous Triangle SCP inks or OEM inks, the company reports; they are also resistant to alcohol and common cleaning agents. The HPS inks are available in 1000-ml cartridges and 1-liter bulk containers.

Also available: Triangle Color Compatible Magenta for the MLD inks for Roland Soljet and VersaCamm series printers (low-odor, cyclohexanone-free, in 440-ml cartridges and 1-liter bulk containers) and highly reflective Metallic Silver inkjet inks, targeted at P-O-P applications.


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