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New UV LED Curing Association Formed

Industry companies combine to support rapid growth in UV LED applications.

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Three industry suppliers – Phoseon Technology, Integration Technology Limited, and Lumen Dynamics – have partnered to form the UV LED Curing Association.

Focused on providing greater insight into the various UV LED solutions currently in the marketplace, as well as into developing applications that are well suited to the technology, the new association intends “to address a growing need within the market for current and potential researchers, suppliers, integrators, and end users to gain a better understanding about UV LED technology and the significant benefits it brings to numerous applications,” according to a press release.

The association will welcome new members and contributions pertaining to UV LED Curing in early 2012. Its website indicates that three membership levels will be offered: Principal, Participant, and Academic; dues have not yet been established.

“UV LED curing technology has been steadily evolving in the market for almost a decade,” says Adrian Lockwood, managing director of Integration Technology Limited. “Its application successes continue to generate increased interest. However, industry inconsistencies in language and measurement practices as well as a general misunderstanding of the technology continue to breed confusion and delay implementation. It is the hope of the UV LED Curing Association's founders that our collaboration will promote the successful and more rapid adoption of UV LED technology across many different markets.”


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