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New York's MoMA Announces its Website Covering the Technology of Image Making

Museums' Printed Picture site addresses digital processes as well as traditional image-creation technologies.

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The Museum of Modern Art in New York City has announced The Printed Picture, a website focusing on the history of the printing of pictures, from prehistoric cave markings to digital printing technologies.

The website was created utilizing the content from Richard Benson’s book by the same name, as well as videos drawn from Benson’s private lectures conducted in the exhibition galleries at MoMA. Benson is a renowned printer, accomplished photographer, and former dean of the Yale University School of Art.

Video clips from the website are organized by subject and supplemented with additional images and details of pictures, allowing site visitors to select their best path through its contents. Benson’s lectures, featured in their entirety on the site, are designed to be informal yet educational. Some of the content segments include:
• Relief printing
• Intaglio and planographic printing
• Color printing
• Early photography in silver
• Non-silver processes
• Color photography
• Digital processes

The book, The Printed Picture, was published by the museum in 2008 and is illustrated with material that Benson collected over the past four decades and donated to MoMA as the basis for a study collection of printing and photographic processes. Benson and Peter Galassi, former chief curator of photography at MoMA, organized an exhibition based on the book that was on view at the museum from October 2008 through July 2009. The book is available through the museum’s website.



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