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Nik Silver Efex Pro for Black-and-White Image Creation

Create high-quality black-and-white images from scanned or digital color photographs

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Nik Software has added Silver Efex Pro to its line of photo-editing tools. The Adobe Photoshop and Apple Aperture plug-in allows users to create high-quality black-and-white images from scanned or digital color photographs, reports the company.

Specific features include:

* U Point-technology control points for on-image editing-allows users to precisely control the tonality of objects or areas selectively without the need for selections or layer masks.

* Style browser-users can quickly access more than 20 different preset conversions through a preset thumbnail list within the interface.

* Film grain engine-Features algorithms written specifically to allow the user to produce realistic grain, mimicking the natural silver-halide process instead of overlaying a random noise pattern.

* Film types-Users can emulate the grain, color sensitivity, and tone curve of 18 popular black-and-white films.

* Color filters-Features five commonly used color filters and the ability to select any hue and strength.

* Tinting and toning-Preset toners provide the ability to re-create sepia, selenium, gold, silver, and split-toning options.

* Smart filter compatibility (Photoshop only)-By applying Silver Efex Pro to a Smart Object in Adobe Photoshop CS3, photographers can use Silver Efex Pro as a Smart Filter, allowing any edit with Silver Efex Pro to be readjusted in the future.

* Multi-Image Editing (Aperture only)

When working in Apple Aperture, photographers have the option of selecting multiple

images and then converting all of those images within a single editing session,

enhancing their workflow so that they can ensure a consistent look and feel for their


Price: $199.95.


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