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Nikon Digital SLR to Debut

New model will offer 10.2-Mpxl.

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Nikon has posted a "teaser" ad on its Nikon Imaging website indicating that it will release a new 10.2-megapixel digital SLR in early August. The only information Nikon is releasing at this time is that the new camera will offer "more power, more control" and be "more versatile," and will "integrate quality and affordability to meet the needs of passionate photo enthusiasts."

Earlier this year, Nikon introduced its latest professional DSLR-the 12.4-Mpxl D2xs-which builds on the company’s D2x, and includes several upgrades such as refined viewfinders performance, 2.5-in. LCD with 170? viewing angle, and many firmware enhancements.

The company currently offers six digital SLRs in its lineup: the D50 (6.1 Mpxl, $699.95), D70s (6.1 Mpxl, $999.95), and the D200 (10.2 Mpxl, $1699.95), as well as the professional-level D2xs ($4699.95), the D2hs (4.1 Mpxl, $3849.95), and the D2x (12.4 Mpxl, $4999.95).



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