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Noritsu LPS-24 Pro Silver-Halide Printer

Designed for the heavy production of photo labs

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At this year's PMA show, Noritsu displayed a working model of its new LPS-24 PRO large-format silver-halide printer, which images via laser exposure. Capable of printing 3000-dpi photographic images, this RA4 printer and paper processor was designed to meet the heavy-duty production and high-quality demands of portrait and commercial professional photo labs, producing prints from 5 x 7 in. up to 24 x 100 in. (the largest standard photo is 24 x 36 in.; users can add an option for prints up to 100-in. long).

With a dual-magazine capability, users can load 12- and 24-in. magazines simultaneously, enabling prints of various sizes to be made without changing magazines. Processing capabilities allow printing of up to 27 prints/hr for 24 x 36-in. prints.

Available as an option: Noritsu Quick Access software, which enables the LPS-24 Pro to be used as a network printer, receiving commands from multiple operators.

Expected price of the LPS-24 Pro: $111,000; available in the US by July 2006. Note: Noritsu indicates that a different equipment configuration may be made available to the unit once US sales begin, and optional equipment noted here may become standard.


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