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North Plains Acquires Xinet

Xinet will now be a North Plains company and no longer exist as a standalone entity.

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North Plains, the provider of digital asset management (DAM), has announced that it has acquired Xinet, the workflow management software company. Both companies have singularly focused on addressing the challenges in rich media workflows.

Xinet will now be a North Plains company and no longer exist as a standalone entity. Xinet is now a brand and product line under North Plains. Xinet staff will now become North Plains’ staff, but will remain focused on serving Xinet customers and partners related to the WebNative product family.

“By acquiring Xinet, we are able to optimize the synergy between the two companies’ solutions and fully leverage the strong channel partner network and team of Xinet,” said James Christopher, president and CEO of North Plains. “This acquisition aligns with North Plains’ company strategy to deliver best-in-class products and services that reduce the time and costs associated with the creation, management, distribution, and archiving of rich media assets, and allow our customers to derive deep value from investments in these critical business processes.”

“We have grown Xinet based on the strength of our software and our ability to address the needs of creative talent within organizations,” said Scott Seebass, CEO of Xinet. “Like Xinet, North Plains’ deep focus on digital asset management and their equal passion for delivering innovative products and services allows us to jointly provide our customers unparalleled products, services, and solutions for rich media.”

The Xinet WebNative Suite enhances collaboration and accelerates rich media workflows between staff, vendors, or clients in industries like advertising, publishing, prepress, retail, and corporate communications.

TeleScope is North Plains’ modular, digital asset management platform. It enables the secure access, management, and distribution of all digital and rich media content in virtually any file format, across any size organization in any industry.



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