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Nur Modular System Update

4 to 8 colors w/other slots for varnish/white ink

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As previously reported (p. 22, April 2005), NUR has modularized its Tempo, a UVcurable, 10.5 x 6.5-ft flatbed printer. The new modular Tempo now comes in three basic models"?4-color, 6-color (CMYKcm), or 8-color (CMYKcmyk) systems. Each model has nine available "slots"? with each ink color taking one slot, and the remaining slots available for use with modules that can be dedicated to white ink, spot colors, and/or selective varnish.

Two points to note here: One, white ink requires two slots. Two, in terms of available module combinations, it's not possible to have white, varnish, and spot all together. Valid configurations would be white and varnish, or white and spot, or 2 spots.

The White Ink Module includes 4 printheads and a circulatory system (to keep the white ink particles from settling"?a common problem with white inks). This module will also include a detachable ink tank. White ink can be used as spot color, to act as a base before printing, or cover a printed image with white. Depending on when the white ink is printed, print speeds may or may not be affected.

The Spot Color Module also includes a detachable ink tank. The initial spot colors are red (similar to PMS 485), green (PMS 375), blue (reflex blue), purple (PMS 267), and orange (PMS 151). As the spot colors are printed with the CMYK, there is no reduction in print speeds. Other spot colors will be made available in the future, Nur reports, including spot colors "on demand."

The Selective Varnish Module allows users to lay down a glossy finish to certain areas of a printed image. It's expected to be used primarily with P-O-P applications where unusual designs and uniqueness are key. Since the varnish is applied after printing, its application will slow down the overall print speed of a job.

Now standard with the Tempo line of machines is PrintTop II, the latest version of the printer-control software that controls printer/user interface, set-up, etc. (as opposed to file handling which is done in RIP). The new PrintTop offers an improved queue management, automatic calibration, rigid table layout support, and a new graphical interface.

The Tempo is also offering a speed upgrade kit. The kit includes a new UV system (power supply and lamp assemblies) and a software upgrade to make two new print modes available (4-color at speeds of up to 1300 sq ft/hr and 8-color at speeds up to 750 sq ft/hr).

In addition, the Tempo offers a roll-toroll option and two types of magenta/light magenta in its Spirit U inks"?a standard and a reddish magenta (for more vibrant reds, but is limited in the purple areas). (Nur Macroprinters: www.nur.com)

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