NuSign's Nu-VTec Hybrid Printer

63-inch rollfed/flatbed UV-curable machine.

Big Picture

NuSign Supply had debuted its first badged printer, Nu-VTec, a rollfed/flatbed UV-curable machine. The 63-in. printer will accommodate media as thick as 0.59 in. and will print edge-to-edge at resolutions up to 720 dpi.

Armed with Xaar XJ-500 printheads, the Nu-VTec prints with a 7-color (CMYKcmW) inkset. Inks are stored in a bulk-ink system with 2-l tanks per color; white can be used to image a background color for transparent or dark substrates

Top speed for the printer is 376 sq ft/hr in high-speed mode, production printing yields 242 sq ft/hr, and ultra-quality mode images at 102 sq ft/hr. Rigid and flexible media are held in place with a vacuum system. The machine is equipped with dual UV shutters that allow for uni-and bi-directional printing.

Price: $64,995.


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