Objet 3D Prints Large-Scale 3D Replica of Fenway Park to Celebrate Ballpark’s Anniversary

Also: Objet announces it will merge with Stratasys.

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To commemorate the 100th anniversary of Boston’s Fenway Park, Objet Ltd. – which is merging with Stratasys Ltd. (see story below) – has unveiled a large-scale, 3D-printed replica of the celebrated ballpark. Designed in 3D software, using blueprints and up-to-date images, the 3 x 5-foot replica captures the details of Fenway – from the Green Monster and Pesky Pole to the exact number of lights and the infamous red Ted Williams seat in right field.

The 3D replica, which was printed on an Objet Connex500 multi-material 3D printer at the company's North American headquarters in Billerica, Massachusetts, is about 1/200th scale. The model will be on display beginning the week of April 19 and in the coming months throughout Boston.

Some production specifics:
• The staff at Objet's Boston office managed to obtain some of the blueprints from the Boston Inspectional Services Department; together with some recent photos of the park, they were then able to create an STL file for 3D printing.
• The 3D printed model itself was output as 40 separate interlocking pieces on the Objet Connex500.
• When put together, the final assembly weighs about 105 pounds.
• The model includes the exact number of lights, concourses, dugouts and bullpens, as well as details such as Pesky's Pole, Ted Williams' red seat, and the Green Monster (including seats atop).

“As longtime Red Sox fans, and frequent visitors to Fenway, we wanted to celebrate this historic event by sharing something that all fans could appreciate,” says Bruce Bradshaw, director of US marketing for Objet. “Objet’s printers are used by architecture firms around the world to create incredibly detailed models in mere hours rather than weeks; so it seemed a natural fit for us to use this technology to recreate Fenway and deliver it to people throughout Boston."

In other Objet news, the company has announced that it is merging with Stratasys, Inc., the Minnesota-based manufacturer of 3D printers and production systems for prototyping and manufacturing applications. The combined company will operate under the name Stratasys Ltd. and will have dual headquarters in Eden Prairie, Minnesota, and Rehovot, Israel, the locations of Stratasys' and Objet's current headquarters, respectively, and will be registered in Israel. The transaction is expected to be completed in the third quarter of 2012.

"We are bringing together two of the most innovative and respected players in the field to create a global leader in a high-growth industry,” says Scott Crump, CEO and chairman of Stratasys. “Together we will have a broader and more comprehensive product and technology portfolio, and the resources, team and financial strength to achieve our goals. Building on the success of both companies, I am confident that we will capitalize on the many opportunities this combination creates….”

Crump will become fulltime chairman of the combined company. Elchanan Jaglom, current chairman of Objet, will serve as chairman of the executive committee of the combined company. David Reis, current CEO of Objet, will become CEO of the combined company.

"We are excited to be joining forces with Stratasys," says David Reis. "This transaction creates an organization that will provide a broad range of rapid prototyping and direct digital manufacturing applications to our customers, and the ability to bring exciting new products to the market. With an impressive technology portfolio, great talent, and an extensive sales and marketing channel, we will be well positioned to achieve efficient growth, expand our distribution reach and create value for all of our stakeholders.”



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