Océ Adds Four New Models to Arizona 400 Series

Arizona 460 GT, Arizona 460 XT, Arizona 440 GT, and Arizona 440 XT.

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Océ has announced four new models in its Océ Arizona 400 Series of UV flatbed printers: the Arizona 460 GT, Arizona 460 XT, Arizona 440 GT, and Arizona 440 XT printers. They join the Arizona 480 GT and Arizona 480 XT models, which were introduced at SGIA Expo last fall (see January/February issue). All four new printers are designed for mid-volume production.

The 440 GT and 460 GT flatbeds feature standard-sized tables. Both can accommodate rigid media up to 49 x 98.4 in. and 2-in. thick. The 440 GT has 4 ink channels (CMYK) and is upgradeable to the 440 XT, which has 6 ink channels (which, in turn, is upgradeable to the 480 GT); white ink and varnish are standard on the 460 GT (the sixth channel can be used as an additional white-ink channel). Both the 440 GT and 460 GT offer Production speeds of 219 sq ft/hr and Express speeds of 353 sq ft/hr.

The 440 XT and 460 XT offer extra-large tables. Capable of handling media up to 98.4 x 120 in. and 2-in. thick, the XT models can hit Production speeds of 226 sq ft/hr and Express speeds of 368 sq ft/hr. The 440 XT has 4 ink channels, while the 460 XT has 6 ink channels (white ink and varnish standard); both models are upgradeable.

The new printers also feature: Océ VariaDot imaging technology, producing a sharpness equivalent to 1440 dpi or higher, the company reports; Active Pixel Placement Compensation, to ensure image sharpness, density, and uniformity; a variable vacuum system featuring six vacuum zones on the GT models (seven on the XT models), to reduce or eliminate manual masking; and a batch mode, to support complex, multi-layered jobs and produce sets of prints sequentially for easy collation and fulfillment.


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