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Oce Adds Instant-Dry Photopaper and Polypropylene Banner

Both for use with dye- or pigment-based inks

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Oce has added two lines of digital media: Polypropylene Banner material and Instant-Dry Photopaper. Both media can be used with either dye- or pigment-based aqueous inks.

Instant Dry Photopaper (PSDRY8) is a premium glossy-finish paper for applications that require fine-quality reproduction for high-end P-O-P displays and presentations. The paper has a ceramic inkjet coating for rapid ink absorption, which allows immediate handling, finishing, or laminating, with either hot or cold laminates. It also offers no soak-through or cockling, and is smudge- and water-resistant. Instant Dry Photopaper is available in rolls from 24- to 60-in. wide.

Outdoor Polypropylene Banner (OBPOLY8) is an 8.5 mil, versatile, universal banner material that has excellent light-blocking capabilities for making retail and P-O-P signage, exhibit displays, and outdoor banners. It is a bright-white, medium-weight substrate with an opaque white inkjet coating. In addition, it features biaxial tear resistance for added strength in outdoor usage. It is available in 36- to 60-in. wide rolls. (Oce Imaging: www.oceusa.com)

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