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Oce ColorWave with CrystalPoint Technology

Images with TonerPearls instead of liquid ink.

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Oce has announced its new 42-in. ColorWave 600 with CrystalPoint technology, Oce’s color toner technology that utilizes TonerPearls instead of liquid ink.

The ColorWave’s "ink" is a solid TonerPearl, available in CMYK. When the TonerPearl is heated to 300? it becomes a gel. The gel is jetted onto the plain, untreated paper using an Oce-developed inkjet head and dries instantly upon hitting the media. Since it dries right away, there is no wicking and no spreading of ink. The company reports that CrystalPoint technology offers sharp lines, high readability of fine details, and smooth, even area fills. Further, the solid crystals add a silk shine on plain paper and the final print is waterfast for outdoor use.

Armed with six rolls of media, the ColorWave images roll-to-sheet only (there is no roll-to-roll option currently offered) with image lengths up to 250 ft. The 42-in. printer is compatible with a number of media types, from plain paper and blueback to Tyvek and polyester films to recycled paper and backlit films.

The ColorWave has been initially designed for the CAD market, and can also produce short-term graphics for the business arena. In addition, Oce is working with sister-company Onyx to develop a graphics RIP to package with the ColorWave for a better fit for the wide-format signage market, says Ty Layton, Oce North America.

Printing photorealistic images with a 600 x 600-dpi true resolution (1200-dpi addressable resolution), the ColorWave boasts an output speed of up to 31 sec/A0 sheet; that translates into approximately 167 sq ft/hr. Layton also notes that the ColorWave’s Print Assistant auto-detects the type of file sent to the printer. If a CAD file is sent, it’s image in CAD mode; however, if graphics are sent, it prints in presentation mode.

The easy-to-load TonerPearls are stored in clear 500-gram cartridges on the top of the printer. Additionally, the company notes that the ColorWave can print long, unattended runs with full cartridges and a top delivery tray that holds up to 100 prints.


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