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OneTicket 3.0 from Apago

A plug-in to increase on-demand printing productivity.

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Apago has announced OneTicket 3.0, a set of device-independent plug-ins for Adobe Acrobat designed to help maximize the productivity of on-demand digital printers. Formerly named AcrosuitePro v. 2.6, OneTicket 3.0 gives print shops a single interface that controls multiple digital printers from various vendors, including devices from Canon, Xerox, IBM, Konica Minolta, Oce, Kodak, Ricoh, Toshiba, and Ikon.

The update features a streamlined interface, increased productivity and efficiency, and features including: tray mapping, which allows a print shop to define paper exceptions-regardless of the device used to print-enabling users to work more easily with various printers; 2-, 4- and 12-up imposition; and improved paging flexibility, by adding the ability to select a new page size, or to scale the contents of a single page or of all pages. The update also enables users to select any page within a PDF and shift the contents left or right for tab printing.

OneTicket allows users to create a single "virtual job-ticket" that describes how a document should be printed, including information about imposition, page size, binding, tab and cover sheets, page numbers, copies, paper stock, etc. Upon printing from within OneTicket, the virtual job-ticket is converted into printer-specific commands.

Price: $2395.


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