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OneVision Upgrades Speedflow to 2.5

Offers better ink and toner control

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Speedflow 2.5, OneVision's software solution for securing and improving PDF workflows, has been modified to allow users to better control ink and toner consumption on the output end. The latest version of the software includes three new features: automatic detection of ink coverage problems and ink reduction; rich black removal; and enhanced automatic gray detection.

Users of Speedflow 2.5 can automatically detect if ink or toner coverage might cause a problem during printing. Once a problem has been identified, users can apply a TAC (total area coverage) reduction. The software reduces the amount of ink in the areas that are over TAC, but does not touch the rest of the image.

In addition, Speedflow 2.5 allows the transfer of rich black into pure black, which can also save on ink and toner. And, the software's automatic gray detection has been enhanced. It now allows the detection and conversion of LAB data in grayscales (Windows applications often construct gray from red, green, and blue instead of CMYK or black).

Speedflow 2.5 is available in Basic (two modules including Speedflow Check and Speedflow Edit), Suite (adds Speedflow Impose), and Cockpit (JDF-enabled) versions. (OneVision: www.onevision.com)

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