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Online Color Management from Chromix

New Maxwell system available.

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Chromix has introduced Maxwell, a new online color-management system that features a comprehensive set of tools and is designed to allow for easy uploading and downloading of profiles, color measurement, and other color-data files from any computer. Other features in the system include device trending, color profiling, profile sharing, and measurement services. Maxwell is targeted to users ranging from large and medium print providers to small-format independent users, including photographers.

Specific Maxwell features include:

* Color repository: Maxwell records spectral, colorimetric, device, density, naming, and more for each color; it automatically reconciles color-patch values and target sizes. It can mix and match profiles as well as set proofing targets, and eliminate complications when transitioning between or combining different color targets.

* Tracking and monitoring: Its "Tracks" feature allows for easy monitoring of devices, pass/fail prints and proofs, and set up of a print-performance program for vendors. The DisplayWatch feature tracks calibrated monitors, while the Notifiers feature alerts the user if something goes awry.

* Web application: Information can be accessed from any modern browser. The account administrator determines who has the account’s access, allowing sharing for an unlimited amount of users.

* ICC Profile generation: Built-in ICC and Vista WCS profile calculation; Maxwell also produces DeviceLink and ColorCast profiles.

Price: Maxwell is offered at a variety of subscription levels.


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