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OnOne Software Upgrades QX-Tools Pro to Version 7

Users can drag and drop images into QuarkXPress 7

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OnOne Software has announced QX-Tools Pro 7, a collection of QuarkXPress XTen"?sions compatible with Quark 7. New fea"?tures include:

"? QX-SuperSelect: a selection tool that provides the ability to make multiple text selections that are not a single continu"?ous selection, and then perform a change such as applying a new style.

"? QX-WYSIWYG: a palette that displays all the active fonts in their own typeface in a single palette. Users can see what

"? QX-DragAndDrop: allows users to drag and drop images into QuarkXPress 7 from the Mac OS X Finder or from Adobe Bridge. Supported fields are those that are supported by the Quark Vista XTension.

"? QX-Underline: provides users with a greater degree of control over how they use rules and lines in Quark documents to underline words.

"? QX-Tips & Tricks: provides users with tips specifically for QuarkXPress 7 from the editor of Design Tools Monthly.

Price: $159.95; upgrades: $69.95.


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