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Onyx Graphics’ New Service Products

Applications designed to increase print shop efficiencies.

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Onyx Graphics has announced new service products, including: Onyx Links, Onyx Plus, Onyx Advantage, and Onyx Premium.

Onyx Links is a free suite of services designed to keep businesses up and running. The suite connects users 24/7 to website downloads for the latest features, printer drivers, and profiles. It also includes Onyx Service Web diagnostic tools and Onyx PrintMetryx JobView service for tracking printing costs and production trends.

Onyx Plus service is designed to help users solve problems quickly and efficiently through hotline access to Onyx’s Call Center and Web support. It also includes all the benefits of Onyx Links suite.

Onyx Advantage is designed to give users an easy way to keep their software up-to-date. In addition to all the benefits of Links suite, the Advantage package provides product upgrades, new printer drivers, automatic disk updates, and a free additional active printer and RIP at purchase.

Onyx Premium includes all the features of Links, Plus, and Advantage products.



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