Onyx Releases Workflow Software 7.1

Upgraded workflow software packages.

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Onyx Graphics has released Version 7.1 of its workflow software programs, including ProductionHouse, PosterShop, and RIPCenter.

New features to all the programs include:

* A Profile Download Client tool: Simplifies media-profiling downloads. The Onyx website lists the most recent media profiles available for Onyx drivers and a custom list of profiles can be installed onto version 7 products.

* Support of the Pantone Goe System: Version 7.1 includes the complete spot-color-matching table for the Goe System. The new Pantone spot colors also are available in the ProductionHouse layout tool for manual spot-color replacement.

* Printer-driver technology and RIP-and-print improvements: Printer drivers can now include dual-mode printer drivers-print modes for continuous tone (contone) and halftone printing. This feature, designed for new printers from Canon, Epson, and HP that offer both halftone and contone print paths, replaces two separate drivers previously required.

* Smooth Dot technology: Designed to automatically improve the smoothness of output from variable-drop printheads; can also make the profiling process faster and easier.

* Media Manager improvements: Features an improved user interface for setting ink restrictions and transition controls. The Profile Generator also has been improved with new options for UCR and color interpolation.

In addition, version 7.1 now supports Windows Vista. Plus, drivers have been added for new printer models from various companies including Canon, Epson, and Mimaki, and for cutters from Graphtec, Roland, Mimaki, Zund, and others.



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