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Oris Color Tuner Updates from CGS

Color Tuner 5.2 released--is first approved to drive GretegMacbeth iO

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CGS has announced the upcoming release of ORIS Color Tuner 5.2, which will replace Oris Color Tuner Light. It includes new and enhanced tools, such as the FOGRA media wedge, updated Pantone and HKS libraries, and pre-configured color profiles for FOGRA, SWOP, and other common industry specifications. The package is intended for prepress shops and print providers with moderate proofing needs, using one or two inkjet devices. MSRP: $1375 (in addition, users must purchase a user license to drive one or more printers, starting at $690 for an A3++ printer like the Epson Stylus Pro 4800 or Canon W2200S). The higher-end CGS Color Tuner Professional is still available for $2750.

The company also has announced that its Color Tuner 5.2 color proofing system has received approval to be the first to drive GretagMacbeth's new iO motorized robotic arm and cradle for its Eye-One Pro hand-held spectrophotometer. Color Tuner 5.2, in beta testing at press time, is scheduled for release in late 2005. It will feature an enhanced calibration wizard, improved spot-color handling, multi-channel ICC profile support, and an expanded GCR/UCR user interface.


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