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Oris’ Color Tuner/Web v1.1

Company also launches Web-based virtual proofing system.

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CGS showcased its Oris Color Tuner/Web version 1.1, which now incorporates Adobe PDF Print Engine and a host of new features, including automatic certification of remote printers. A color bar is created, printed, and measured without user intervention, compared against target values, and a label is then printed directly on the proof. Color Tuner//Web now includes Oris Soft Proof for a complete Web-based View/Print/Certify production workflow.

CGS also introduced Aproove—a creative e-proofing collaborative software designed to provide all parties in the creative process with a Web-based virtual proofing system—and new Oris PearlProof media, designed specifically to meet the requirements of Gracol, SWOP, and Fogra.


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