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Packaging Proofing System from Print Science

Designed for Epson wide-format inkjet printers.

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Print Science, formerly PerfectProof USA, has released Pakproof, a proofing system for packaging designed for inkjet systems.

The Pakproof system comprises:

* An Epson Stylus Pro 4800/4880, 7800/7880, or 9800/9880 printer;

* ColorStretch Orange, Violet, and Green inks, specifically designed to replace the light cyan, light magenta, and light light black inks in the Epson printers; these inks allow for an expanded color space that is 25% larger than the color space of the standard UltraChrome K3 inkset, reports Print Science;

* ProofMaster RIP, which accepts multi-color (nColor) ICC profiles for both the Reference and Printer ICC profile.

Pakproof can produce all 12 primary Pantone colors, as well as approximately 90% of Pantone colors. It can be used for any substrate compatible with inks for Epson printers.


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