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Pantone Introduces Redesigned Pantone Tints Guide

Tints of more than 1114 solid Pantone colors

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Pantone has introduced a redesigned PANTONE tints guide. Geared toward graphic designers, prepress professionals, and printers, the new guide that displays tints of more than 1114 solid Pantone colors. The guide is offered as a four-volume fan guide set, on coated and uncoated stock, featuring larger color blocks and tint effects that bleed off the page for press-check ease.

Pantone tints predict the effects that can be created with various screen tints of solid Pantone colors, including halftones, and also make it possible to determine the legibility of reverse type. Tints can be applied using design software such as Adobe Photoshop and QuarkXPress. (Pantone: www.pantone.com)

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