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Peeking Through the Slats: Walls + Forms Slatgrid Display

Available in Slatgrid or Grid wire merchandising displays.

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Walls + Forms Inc.’s freestanding Slatgrid Displays are designed for indoor use to create a branded presence anywhere in a retail environment and light up to ignite higher visibility. The Slatgrid Displays can be mounted in a back-to-back configuration to create an outpost in the middle of a room, or they can be set up as a freestanding display wall or along existing walls. The back panel holds the printed graphic to match the brand message and identity; vinyl logos can be printed on the sides for maximum branding potential.

Standard units are available in a choice of either Slatgrid or Grid wire merchandising displays. Backlit headers provide optimum branding. The display measures 95-1/2 x 49-1/4 x 23-7/8 inches (h x w x d); units ship flat for assembly onsite.


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