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Phase One Launches New Camera Backs

P 45, P 30, and P 21 units.

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Phase One has announced its latest camera backs: P 45, P 30, and P 21. All of the new backs offer wireless transfer of RAW images (a functionality offered to existing and new owners of P-backs), and Phase One's new Secure Storage System technology, which checks the validity of CF cards inserted into the P-back, eliminating the risk of accidentally writing to a damaged card. In addition, the new backs all feature a 2.2-in. LCD screen, a dynamic range of 12 f-stops, and support for a wide range of cameras (including Hasselblad, Mamiya, Contax, and others).

Designed for the high-load/high-end commercial shooter, the P 45 is a 39-Mpxl back that offers a capture rate up to 35 frames/min with 117 MB file sizes/shot. For use with medium- and large-format cameras, it offers files sizes up to 299 MB for single-exposure 64-bit CMYK images, and up to 585 MB for a two-exposure shot. It features an ISO range of 50-400.

The 31-Mpxl P 30 is designed for the fashion shooter looking to switch to digital equipment. For use with medium-format cameras, it features a capture rate of 45 frames/min, offers 48-bit color (16-bit per color), and boasts virtual moire-free shooting. It features an ISO range of 50-800.

The P 21 is an 18-Mpxl back designed to appeal to fashion and portrait photographers. It offers 60 captures/min (tethered and untethered), light sensitivity for outdoor shooting, and rectangular file format. Single exposure files reach 138 MB with 64-bit color; two-exposure files are as large as 268 MB in 64-bit CMYK. It features an ISO range of 50-800. Phase One P 45 and P 30 ship in Q4 2005; the P 21 is scheduled to ship in Feb 2006. (Phase One: www.phaseone.com)

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