Phase One's H 25 22Mpxl Camera Back Now Shipping

Features high resolutions, fast capture, and high quality

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Phase One's 22 Mpxl H 25 camera back is now shipping. Designed to match the requirements of a professional, high-volume studio, the H 25 combines the perfection of still-life shooing with the continuity of fashion shooting. As Phase One CEO Henrik Hakonsson points out, most professional photographers today make a living by shooting a little bit of everything, including catalog, advertising, and corporate shots.

The fashion photographer needs a fast capture rate, unlimited storage, and color-accurate immediate image previews. The still-life shooter needs interactive composition opportunities and crisp, clean images that can be converted into press-ready CMYK files on-the-fly.

The H 25 comes with a three-year warranty, three-year 24 hour replacement, one free year of software updates, and 24 hour hotline support. To protect their investments in digital equipment, photographers are offered upgrade programs when new technologies are released.

The H 25 is available for Hasselblad 6 x 6, Mamiya RZ, and a wide range of 4- x 5-in. view cameras via Phase One's FlexAdaptor.(Phase One:

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