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Photomatix Combines Exposures Into A Quality Image

Combined image solves problem of blown out highlights and loss of shadow contrast

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Photomatix post-production software for imaging workflows takes multiple exposures of the same photo and blends them together to solve the problem of blown-out highlights and loss of contrast in shadows. The resulting image has a higher dynamic range, making it possible to see more details in the bright and dark areas of images displayed on monitors and published in printed pieces.

Photomatix automatically combines any number of bracketed shots and creates the computer image as a new document, making it easy to compare results with original images. For easy comparison purposes, Photomatix can displays the histograms of two images on the same panel.

The software provides six options for blending exposures. The latest version makes it possible to adjust the weighting given to each exposure.

Photomatix 1.2 is available in two editions: Photomatix Pro, which costs $99 for a single-user license and Photomatix Light, which costs $28. For more information and to download a demo, visit the MultimediaPhoto website. (MultimediaPhoto: at www.multimediaphoto.com/photomatix).

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