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Piezography Neutral K7 From InkjetMall

Designed as a substitute for Epson UltraChrome Inks

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InkjetMall's Piezography Neutral K7 inkset for Epson printers is designed as a substitute for UltraChrome inks. The new inkset offers seven dilutions for smoother tonal transitions, increased shadow and highlight details, and a dotless print for superior back-and-white output, reports the company. A pure pigment solution, Piezography Neutral K7 contains no dyes and works best on matte paper, where it also offers the best longevity; it is not designed for printing on glossy paper.

Depending on the inkjet paper the image is printed on, the inks can appear neutral, cooler, or warmer. For instance, the inks appear neutral when printed on Innova Photo Smooth Cotton, Bradford Rag Bright White, and Hahnemule Photo Rag, but cooler (more similar to a Piezo- Tone Selenium Tone inks) when printed on Bradford Rag Brilliant White and Innova FibaPrint. The inks will appear warmer on paper such as Bradford Rag Natural White and Innova Cold Press Art.

The Piezography Neutral K7 inkset for the Epson Stylus Pro 4000, 7600, and 9600 are available in 220-ml cartridges at $75 each (total of $525 for a full set of seven). Inksets for the Epson Stylus Photo R1800/R800, 2200, and 2400, and the Epson Stylus Pro 4800 and 7800 are planned.


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