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Plustek Introduces OpticFilm 120 Scanner

New film scanner is bundled with LaserSoft Imaging SilverFast Ai Studio 8.

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Plustek Technology has launched its new OpticFilm 120 film scanner, designed to deliver professional image-quality results from 35mm film strips, slides, and 120/220 film formats from 6 x 4.5 to 6 x 12 in.

The OpticFilm 120 features an eight-element glass lens with a 5300-dpi optical resolution, and stable LED light source. The new scanner is bundled with LaserSoft Imaging SilverFast Ai Studio 8, which includes Multi-Exposure and iSRD – two technologies for scanning film strips and slides. Multi-Exposure enhances dynamic range, diminishes noise, and enriches image detail, Plustek reports, while SilverFast iSRD electronically removes dust and scratches from film using the scanner’s built-in infrared channel.

Additional key features on the OpticFilm 120 include:
• An adjustable-pitch 120/220 film holder that holds 120/220 film strips flat;
• IT8 Calibration slide for color accuracy;
• Motorized film transport for automatic batch scanning;
• A folding rear cover to prevent dust from entering the scanner; and
• USB 2.0 Interface.

MSRP: $2000, available in early October.



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