Color Outside the Lines

Four color palette collections based on global trends.

Big Picture

As designers and wide-format PSPs work together more and more, print shops can benefit from paying attention to trending colors and color schemes. A surefire way to impress your décor clients? Knowing what colors are currently on trend. (Rachel Nunziata’s Beyond Décor column has more excellent advice for connecting with these types of customers.)

PolyOne has revealed its seventh annual Color Inspirations Palette, the 2020 Visionary Collection. Based on global trends and research from color experts, the 2020 collection features four dynamic color palettes blending the science of the natural world with the global focus on wellness and self-improvement.

BioXcelerateBioXcelerate “explores ways in which scientific breakthroughs and technological advances create a burgeoning industry, discovering new techniques for ‘hacking’ our bodies to become healthier, happier, and more productive,” according to a release. This palette includes sharp hues found in nature.

FluideFluide is inspired by the online culture which allows people to express themselves and their shifting personas and beliefs freely. “Colors in this palette resist being defined by a dominant hue by moving toward a more nuanced tertiary palette, which is further enhanced with shifting iridescent effects,” the company states.

UnchartedUncharted celebrates the new ways we can look at the world thanks to technology; we’re now able to experience previously hidden or faraway locales, which can provide a sense of connection to the planet and people inhabiting it. The company describes the color scheme as “distant and inaccessible places [being] seen as washes of colors, textures, and patterns.”

Phygital Existence Phygital Existence uncovers the blurred line separating the physical and digital works. The company asks, “is it possible our digital profiles have come to define us more than our physical ones?” The palette features “flat” colors of the physical world juxtaposed with bright digital colors.