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PolyOne Releases InVisio Color Inspiration 2018

Four new palettes draw upon political, economic, and social tensions.

Big Picture

PolyOne has announced InVisio Color Inspiration 2018, four new color collections developed for brand owners and designers. Color Inspiration 2018 features the following color stories, according to PolyOne:

• Public Privacy takes inspiration from the age of social media, featuring a saturated blue, glowing red, transparent chartreuse, and foggy gray.

• Polarized is designed to represent contrast and complexity, with a multifaceted black and a shifting purple-blue hue.

• Chasing Yesterday is cast as a nod to the past. Bright limes, golden yellows, and cream are intended to evoke vinyl records, Polaroid images, and “psychedelic” designs.

• In Pursuit of Magic explores self-empowerment with “mystical” colors, including a brassy gold alongside purple hues.